Tomato Cucumber Cottage Cheese Salad

A quick and easy, protein-packed meal

Makes 1 Serving

Per serving:

*1 Leaner

*3 Greens

*2 Condiments

*1 Healthy Fat


*1 1/2 cup (12 ounces) 2% cottage cheese

*1 cup (149 g) cherry or mixed small tomatoes, halved

*1/2 cup (52 g) cucumber, striped with a peeler, sliced

*1/4″ thick and quartered

*1 1/2 ounces avocado, sliced

*1/2 tsp Everything but the bagel seasoning*Garnish with green onions, if desired


*Place cottage cheese in a large bowl.

*Add tomatoes and cucumbers.

*Top with sliced avocado and then sprinkle

*Everything but the bagel seasoning.

*Garnish with green onions, if desired.

🧿 Njoy this mid week salad 🧿


Serves 4 (as a side dish)


*2 medium avocados, peeled, pitted, and chopped

*1 pint cherry tomatoes, halved

*1/2 medium English cucumber, chopped

*1/2 small red onion, thinly sliced

*1/4 cup coarsely chopped fresh herbs, such as cilantro, basil, parsley, dill, or tarragon

*Juice from 1 large lemon

*2 tablespoons olive oil

*1/4 teaspoon kosher salt

*1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper

Instructions to prepare:-

*Place the avocado, tomatoes, cucumber, onion, and herbs in a large bowl. Squeeze the lemon juice over top, drizzle with oil, and sprinkle with the salt and pepper. Gently toss to combine.


This salad is best eaten the day it is made, but can be refrigerated in an airtight container for up to 3 days (the avocado may start to brown)

The Great Indian Dream.

There cannot be two opinion about few things. The highest peak in the world is Everest. Similarly, the most popular game of the world is Football. Almost all countries play soccer . FIFA World cup is the second most popular sports extravaganza on the earth, next only to Olympics. Present generation is fortunate to witness the scintillating display of two of the all-time great footballers Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. They together won 11 Ballon d’ Or Award during the last 12 years.

Opinions almost equally differ as to who is more talented or versatile. According to me, while Messi is a shade better in technique and temperament, Ronaldo is ahead in speed and power. Both are magnificent players and are capable of scoring from any acute angle against the best defence in the world. Apart from scoring goals at sweet will, they assist their counterparts in scoring goals by giving immaculate passes. Recently Ronaldo created another milestone in his career beating the record of Ali Daei of Iran while becoming the highest goal scorer for his country with 111 goals.

However, there is another towering record in the name of a legendary Indian. Hockey Wizard Major Dhyan Chand had scored 570 goals in 185 matches at an average of 3 goals per match. Even words like Incredible, amazing, awesome, spectacular are insufficient to pay encomium to the exceptionally rare feat. While records are there to be broken, whether this magical record will be ever broken is a million dollar question. All Indians can legitimately feel proud of the fact that the legend was our fellow countryman.

Our Golden Girl, Queen of the Track, Payyoli Express, P. T. Usha is also the holder of a unique record. She created history by winning 5 Gold medals at the Jakarta Asian Track & Field meet in the year 1985. This record remains unbroken even after 36 years.

We Indians are the forerunners and masters in many sports. No other country has produced archers of the stature of Dronacharya, Arjun, Karan etc. Even today, our Adivasis are great Archers. It is easy to develop the talent inherent in our veins. If we catch them and mould them by giving proper training, they can bring laurels to the country. Similarly, fishermen children can bring medals in swimming and water sports. Kerala’s great martial art, Kalaripayattu has a great resemblance to fencing.

There is no shortcut for success. Legendary American swimmer Michael Phelps, who won 23 Gold medals in 4 Olympics, used to train 6-7 hours daily. If we make a talent hunt and and select few promising athletes who have the potential to reach dizzy heights and mould them by giving extensive training, I can guarantee that India can win 10 Gold Medals in the 2032 Brisbane Olympics. It seems to be an over ambition, but definitely not beyond our potential.

I have another great dream which I expect my fellow countrymen to share and make it a GREAT INDIAN DREAM. In the 125 history of Olympics, only 4 Athletes have won consecutive gold medals in 4 Olympics. I want an Indian to join in that elite club. It is extremely difficult but not impossible. Neeraj Chopra has the talent, tenacity, temperament, will, and killer instinct to achieve this incredible feat. Further, age is also a favorable factor, as he is too young and will be only 34 at the time of his 4th Olympics, in 2032.

I am a dreamer. I dream for the country, for the countrymen, and for unsung heroes who did not get the desired rewards and recognition .

My long pending dream was that an Indian should get an Olympics Gold medal in Athletics. I am delighted that my dream has been fulfilled.

We can boost the morale of Neeraj and other promising and talented sportspersons by joining the dreamer’s club and supporting them wholeheartedly. If the country is able to produce world class cricketers today, it is mainly due to public support. A billion people can rally behind Neeraj to enhance his energy, enthusiasm, spirit etc which will improve his morale to Himalayan heights. End result will be a natural consequence.

I earnestly appeal to all my fellow Indians to do their bit to make India a superpower in sports in the next 10-20 years, thereby upholding our prestige in international forums. Everyone can play at least a small but significant role by wholeheartedly supporting for the common cause. Their support count much. A country representing 1/6th of the World population, should return with big haul of medals from International competitions.

Renaming of Stadiums and Highest National Awards after the Name of Our Great Heroes from the Sports Field.

Resurgence of Indian Hockey

Hockey is our national game and we were the undisputed kings for about three decades. India has produced several legendary hockey players including the all time great player Major Dhyan Chand. He played a Major role in India’s Gold medal victory in three successive Olympics, from 1928 to 1936. His amazing goal scoring skills can be gauged from the fact that he scored 570 goals in 185 matches.

Major Dhyan Chand can be equated with Pele in Football and Mohammed Ali in Boxing. It is an Irrefutable fact that he is the greatest sportsman the country has ever produced. It is gratifying to that New Delhi’s National stadium has been renamed as Major Dhyan Chand Stadium few yers ago. Yesterday, the highest sports award of the country, has been renamed as Major Dhyan Chand Khel Ratna. Naming awards and Stadiums is the greatest reward to the genius, as it will help people to remember him forever. It is time to name all major stadiums of the country, in the names of legendary spots persons.

After the 1936 Berlin Olympics, Chief of Germany, Adolf Hitler gave a reception to the Indian team. He profusely congratulated the team members. During the reception, he declared that if Dhyan Chand had born in Germany, he would have been Major General and not Major. After the 1936 final, an international newspaper reported “This is not a game of hockey but pure magic. Dhyan Chand is in fact the magician of Hockey.”

No wonder, he is called the hockey wizard.

Though Hockey is not popular in all states of India, people do follow this game during major events like Olympics, Asian Games etc, because that was the only sport, we have a chance to win a medal. After 1964, there was a steady decline in the standard of Indian Hockey due to various reasons. This coupled with the geometrical progress of other countries, widened the gap between India and emerging hockey powers.

After more than 4 decades, India won a Hockey medal in this Olympics. Getting a medal in the national game is much more sweeter. Being national game, people have emotional and sentimental attachment to the game. After a humiliating 7-1 defeat against Australia in the pool match, they made a remarkable recovery winning successive matches and reaching the citadels of glory. They proved to the whole world that they are not a spent force, but a force to reckoned with.

Kudos to the brilliant boys of Hockey, their dedicated and expert coach, all supporting staff and to all the lovers of the game. They retrieved our national prestige and made the whole country proud of, with their sustained efforts and sparkling display. Hope that this will be a harbinger of a new era in Indian Hockey, and Indian Hockey will flourish in the years to come. About a century ago, we started our saga of success in Hockey, winning successive Gold medals and it is time to repeat the success story with more vigour.

It is fervently hoped that the Government, Federation and people at large will give due recognition and reward to all those associated with the team. We should also make efforts to make Hockey popular by conducting tournaments similar to IPL and ISL. Few years back, the brand Hero had sponsored an IPL format for the game but it didn’t get due recognition as the population was more engrossed in IPL. The concerned authorities need to advertise more aggressively to make it popular amongst the populace. If The Indian Cricketers were true sportsmen then they would have stepped forward on their own to make it popular amongst us or atleast congratulated the Team after the Tokyo Olympics 2021. But non happened.

Now the only hope is that from the Brands, Aggressive Planning Strategy and the Sports Authorities. This will help the players to get more exposure and match practice by playing with top players of the World.

I remember seeing used hockey sticks with chip offs and worn out gears , a testament that at one point even the school had a hockey team and the girls were trained well, lying in our sports room but non of the sports classes had any hockey training. One day out of curiosity I asked our sports teacher why are the hockey 🏑 sticks lying just like that, he simply smiled and it answered all my questions. Over a period of time non of the students were interested in sports ( how unfortunate – except when the election for the sports captain was held or inter house sports competition were held. Most wanted to participate as that would atleast give them a certificate helping them get a point in the ECA category. Without understanding that consistent practice and hard-work is equally important).

Women Hockey team also did a splendid job by reaching the Semi final for the first time in the Olympic history. They fought valiantly with powerful teams and were unlucky to lose a medal as they lost by a whisker. Though they were denied the bronze, they won the hearts of billions with their scintillating display. A team which finished last at the Rio Olympics and having lost 3 successive matches in the pool stage, it was a case of grit, devotion and determination.

I am dreaming of a new golden era of Indian Hockey, both men and women. I also appeal to the concerned people, not to make any discrimination between men and women. Let us start our golden journey from 1924 Paris Olympics and relentlessly retain the glory.

Crockpot Gumbo


Crockpot Gumbo

3 lbs chicken thighs (boneless, skinless)
1 lb uncooked shrimp thawed and shelled
1 lb Every Day brand turkey keilbasa sausage, cut into rounds
1/2 c diced bell pepper
1/2 c diced onion
1/2 c diced celery
4 garlic cloves
2 bay leaves
1 cup frozen okra
2 ounces tomato paste
1 can (15 ounces) diced tomatoes
1 heaping Tbs Tony Chachere cajun seasoning
½ tsp pepper
½ tsp cayenne
½ tsp thyme
½ tsp oregano

(2 bags frozen Cauliflower Rice optional: microwaved according to pkg directions for serving)

Layer Chicken pieces on bottom of crockpot and add all remaining ingredients to the slow cooker EXCEPT the shrimp and cauliflower rice. Do not add water! Stir. Cook on HIGH 3-4 hrs or LOW 6-7 hours. Ten minutes be-fore serving stir with a large serving fork to shred the chicken and remove bay leaves if possible. Gently stir in the shrimp making sure to submerge it in the mix. Cover and continue cooking about 7-10 minutes or as soon as shrimp is completely pink and cooked through. Turn off heat and serve immediately over 1 cups cauliflower rice for a complete meal.

Gumbo recipe makes 8 servings of approximately 1-1/4 cups each.
(Serving sizes may vary each time recipe is made so measure entire amount – usually it is 9-10 cups total – and divide into 8 equal portions.)

Each serving counts as 1 lean, 1 green, and 3 condiments.
For a complete lean and green serve over 1-1/4 cups cauliflower rice.

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Run For Passion

A post very close to my heart. Was planning to pen down on the same lines when came across this article.

Not just Uski Run Meri Run Se…… Also Woh kaise kr sakti h, usne to abhi shuru kiya h. The moment a new potential is seen discouragements are bombarded with utmost compassion and sarcastic comments and status updates. Rare few actually run for the passion of running rest all are busy becoming the next Tsunami even if it means beating your own coach and trainer using any strategies at any cost. A recreational sport turned into a stress vending machine. Rare few ask how you felt, all you get to hear is comparison and grudges. Don’t even share proper diet charts, which shoes to wear etc. Because the champs won’t be able to flaunt it. Ahha. Thankfully the few genuine mentors and runners do share and encourage. Been bluntly told by the new champs, unless formalities are followed one is not accepted in the running community. If you want to climb higher achieve something keep quiet even if at the cost of your self respect. I honestly don’t think seniors who have the true love for running actually believe in all this. They are not fools. Unfortunately few who have recently gained success and recognition are changing the face of the entire community. Even after accepting and knowing the truth about an individual the organisers and teams still run after them for all the events because they attract more participants more status updates more likes and what not. Leave alone encouragement, majority choose not to even talk in front of all. The day a full stop is put to such negative encouragement this recreational sport will gain back its true glory once again.

Not to forget the social media adding spice to this stress vending machine for a hotter and spicier cuppa stress. Off late all the new kids in the block want instant stardom and no competition. And there are agencies taking full advantage of it. Well that’s something which I might end up writing soon. As of now, well it’s a recreational sport, let it remain so. Definitely the author of this article will not be out casted for this open article from the community but definitely my name will be on top of the hate list of many.

Hope the dedicated seniors, who have tirelessly worked for years now, take note of this and come to a solution for this.

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What Is Normal Life That Everyone Is Crying For ????

The COVID19 – My Take

It was just the beginning of 2020 when a hush hush started doing the rounds. Initially non took it seriously including the most advanced nations of the world. Slowly as more and more cases started to pop up the entire world went in a whirlwind. As if the Universe had come to a standstill. Yes, I am talking about COVID -19  .

Everyone was engulfed in a state of fear not knowing what would be next shock knocking at their doors. Well not going into the reason, how it started, what precautions could have been taken , how the Governments all over the world could not control it, the measures taken were right or wrong etc . What I am going to express today is what people felt as all were in a state of Quarantine as a result of the Complete / Partial Lockdown or not going outdoors out of fear.


Since childhood I have been on Neurological medicines, due to a lifelong health ailment. The medicines are to be taken daily to lead a so called NORMAL LIFE( will tell about my normal life in later paragraphs). Before I  proceed let me clear it, to any health ailment their are different branches and the impact of it and the medicines subsequently differ from patient to patient. So please no comparisons please.

My normal life over the past 20 years has been extremely exciting. To start with, initially I was not allowed to travel alone s I could fall and if I hit my head and got injured it could result in Brain Hamaouragge.
* No Television – When I could watch we didn’t have any other channel other than Doordrshan as Cable connection was a big no no. (Will tell in details in my Blog My Childhood)

* Sleep sharp at 9 pm daily without fail.

* No Computers leave alone Mobiles ( that time not even businessmen were so much into mobiles) ahaaa no computers. So how do I continue with my studies I asked my doctor. Answer: Study something else. (End of Coverstion from his part though I have a lot to ask)

And many more which I honestly do not even remember now that it’s been more than 2 decades I am having these meds. It’s become normal life for me now.


* Always feeling dizzy.

* Started getting irritated.

* Loss of excessive hair making me even more sad as I loved my thick hair which grew really fast.

* My hair started greying unexpectedly.

* My Gums became weak.

* I had a constant back ache.

* I could not study to my heart’s content due to the time restrictions. Eventually I had to stop many of my study courses I was undergoing as they needed long hours of dedicated study. I resumed my studies after a long gap but the damage was severe.

* I could not hang out with my friends , not that I was allowed to hang out with them ever, unless under the supervision of parents. In Grad school it was really bad as all were experiencing the new found freedom .

*I lost many whom I considered my friends and well wishers.

* People younger to me were surpassing me achieving one success after another.

* 2 of my grad school friends got married and I lost my only 2 friends who were present with me daily without fail. One would come daily to sit with me and keep talking to me about the television serials that the airing so I didn’t not fall asleep again. After they got married and flew abroad I was again left alone.

*I was having severe mood swings which non understood except my father’s elder brother.

* I wanted to study or atleast do some job but was getting rejected without fail one after another.

* I tried praying , no result. The only results I saw was whenever I prayed for others good happened to them, they could break the deadlocks in their life and were being happy. Ahhhh atlast something to be happy about.

* My severe weight fluctuations was something that caused me more sadness along with a hamper of attached health issues due to the weight gain which added more medicines.

My medicine box grew by leaps and bound instead of my Bank balance. No study, no job from where will my bank balance grow?????

* I was getting depressed by each passing day. Everything irritated me.

I enclosed myself in a shell because I had nothing to share when sitting with 4 people as they would discuss about latest trends, movies, artists, shopping, restaurants etc.

I was at home doing craft work in whatever little way I could. I attended prayer meets with my mother , even there I knew nothing outside the prayer meet as again people would discuss about their “Normal Life”.

So by now you all would be knowing what my normal life has been like. Most of the time I got to hear , ohhhh stop playing the victim card, stop gathering attention and gaining sympathy and many more which I can’t even share in a blog. Few were my relative and own family members not to forget.

I lost all hopes in life. I was called a shameless person sitting at home doing nothing and eating on her parents money when she should be taking the responsibility of her family. Once asked by a lady who had called me over lunch at her place @ Don’t you feel ashamed sitting at your aunt’s place and eating for free?” [ This was actually the time when I had volunteered to help my aunt prepare for my Cousin’s wedding and she too wanted me to be with her as she has severe glaucoma problem. My uncle was abroad and could not come early. I happy agreed and started helping my aunt in all manner possible to prepare for the wedding to the best of our ability. We had no other helping hand and were doing decent work. Years later when my aunt got to know about this she asked me why I didn’t tell her that very time , I said I didn’t want any unpleasant things happening before the wedding. Again the same relative said the same thing to me and I just smiled and left her place.

There were nights when I cried ceaselessly. There were times when I wept nonstop during the day too. People came to me only when they needed me for something or the other. As soon as their work was done they forgot me only to remember me when they needed me again. I convinced myself not to feel bad as they were atleast remembering me. Well this was my biggest mistake as I should not have forgiven such people.

Slowly I was allowed to use the Computer but no mobiles and television. When my younger sister  would go around the city during Navratri and Durga Puja Festivals I would be home sleeping. At times even mom went out with her at night to see the lightings etc. I felt extremely annoyed and unloved. I was still not earning my own living which annoyed me more. My importance was getting lost in family matters ( even today, I have no say in family matters instead my younger sister is considered better than me)

Well that’s abnormal right because due to Covid non could go out and all were sitting home. Atleast be thankful to the almighty  that could surf Netflix and other channels to stay engaged and others worked from home. Rest complained how their savings are depleting as they have lost jobs or working with salary cut, yet could not give up on their pre covid NORMAL LIFESTYLE . We ll next time commenting on anyone’s situation think.

I didn’t go out for Lunch/ Dinner outs. No Cafe Shops in he evening to chill. No chaupati no beaches. All I knew was being inside my house.

If any humanity is left do give it a thought how people with medical restrictions feel and how they lead their lives inside the house. You NORMAL PEOPLE have been at home only for a year or even less.

Apart from being at home all the time I have highlighted the side effects, effects of being treated in an unloved unwanted manner.

So next time wenting out your feelings , cribbing, crying, complaining ,not able to celebrate festivals, no road trips, no vacations, no beach, no shopping etc as a result of being at home due to COVID just shut the fuck up . It’s the law of the nature, maybe Nature wanted to give you all an understanding of us who do not have the Privilege of leading a normal life.

Most welcome to hit the dislike button and bombard me with hate messages , do ponder on the facts as now you all have experienced this life yourself first hand.

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Stay tuned for the next Blog.

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The So Called Celebrities of Social Media

Found something really Strange today. Here it goes. I have been inactive in Facebook and other Social Media sites for a year and half almost, for the much needed peace as things have been extremely challenging from all spheres of life. Being active in Social Media, for me is – liking the posts of others, sharing them and commenting if I feel so. Whereas these Facebook celebrities hardly go through my profile. Though touchwood there are few who never say anything to me in any Social Media Platform but ping me straightaway when they know I am feeling down. Every year without fail they wish me on my birthday. Wish me on various occasions. Despite the fact I don’t have anything exciting to post, I don’t even have my own pictures from various occasions which my Grandmother and Aunt noticed recently and asked for the same, with the obvious reply from me being I don’t have them and the lost look they both had is something I wasn’t surprised with. I have my mood swings, so do all normal human beings. But my case is a bit different as am under medication and one of the worst side effects is mood swings and to feel angry. Well thankfully after almost 12 long years my Doctor revealed it and said he ” MIGHT CHANGE” it.

Okay, before I proceed all those who are going to give me gyan can stop reading. So continuing …… People come and go in my life. Some impact me, some don’t. Today when I was going through my friend list I noticed many have unfriended me, many blocked me . Few have even bllocked me from heir mobiles. ( These were the same people whom I treasured the most and they sweared they would never leave me). These were the creatures whom I really appreciated in my life. Obviously I felt hurt. Even more demoralised. These creatures are never left behind when it comes to copy paste “JUST A PHONE CALL AWAY”, “MY DOOR IS ALWAYS OPEN” BLAHH BLAHHH POSTS ( and non participate in these copy paste stuff when it’s on my wll). But except few non have been there for me. Interestingly, most don’t post anything as such but are followed blindly because of their success in their professional lives read contacts or that of their Spouse’s.

In a way, I feel I am blessed as these toxic people left my life on their own. And the gems stayed despite the difficult circumstances in their own life. Few are my school teachers who have known me since I was as young as 4 years old. At the end all I can say is, I don’t have words to thank each one who has always been with me even if silently despite the fact that I have achieved nothing in life.

* I don’t have contacts.

*My family never used contacts to get me everything served on a platter.

*I don’t have a so called normal life that everyone is missing now and talking about.

  • I am not one of those women who very sweetly manipulate others specially me to ensure everything is in their favour.

*I am not a hot chick bomb whose pictures get likes instantly n list goes on.

Thank you my precious friends for being there for me always ❤️

My next blog WHAT IS THIS NORMAL LIFE THAT ALL ARE TALKING ABOUT THAT THEY ARE MISSING ???? Stay tuned even if you wanna hit the dislike button.

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Growing Up

The other day I was having a discussion with mom how I wish she had spoken to me openly about periods and the subsequent changes that one faces.

The first time I had my menses thankfully I was at home but my sister shouted and announced to the entire family. My mom asked me to go to the washroom and wait. After few minutes she came with a fresh set of clothes and a sanitary napkin (SP). She just asked me to have my bath and explained ( not in details) how to put the SP. When I asked her with a confused look she just said, everyone has it your aunt’s, elder cousins, years back your grandma and her sisters etc. That wasn’t enough for me to understand. Unfortunately she happened to be a teacher in a co-ed school yet she failed to understand my problem.

The atmosphere at home was never friendly in the sense I could openly talk about anything.

How , I wished she had taken care of my personal grooming. All around I saw girls well groomed whereas I would be with hairy legs and arms. Not to forget the moustache I flaunted. I was told I could have approached her and she would have taken me to the parlor. I was like blank why on earth I have to tell what to do ain’t that becoming role reversal?

From being a student who was at the forefront all the time I started becoming withdrawn and literary went into a shell. I lost self confidence. Started looking down on myself, the worst effect.

The scars are so deep, even now whenever I remember this I sort of regret not having mature parents who were free enough to talk about sex, mensuration etc .

Many are laughing and mocking at this but it’s true. I had written about it long back in a blog but never revealed my identity.

I wish my childhood specially my teens were different…….. A teenage where I got to speak with both girls and boys freely, had ne time, had mature parents, never went into a shell instead ran after hardwork to make my dreams come true for a bright future. Now I wish I could have sent them for counseling on how to bring up a child be a son or daughter. Create an atmosphere where the child can speak openly. Just by giving birth one doesn’t become a mother even a 10 years old can become a mother but the maturity with which you bring up your child/ children is what makes you a mother/ father.

Both should be a friend to their children and create an atmosphere where they bloom into beautiful flowers. Also last but not the least educate your son(s) not just with words but action too to respect girls and women.

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